Crane Boot


Usage: boot.crane [OPTIONS]

  Bootstrap and load crane.

  Create a new dockerd daemon or use existing system daemon. Launch Admin

  Reload the admin container upon sighup.

  --use-system-dockerd            Use system Docker instance.  [default:

  --log-level TEXT                Log level.  [default: info]
  --admin-socket PATH             Path of the Crane admin server listening
                                  socket.  [default: /var/run/crane.sock]

  --dockerd TEXT                  Path to the dockerd executable.  [default:

  --pid TEXT                      Path to write dockerd pid file.  [default:

  --socket TEXT                   Path to place dockerd unix domain socket.
                                  [default: /var/run/docker-crane.sock]

  --data-root TEXT                Root directory of persistent Docker state.
                                  [default: /var/lib/docker-crane]

  --exec-root TEXT                Root directory of execution Docker state.
                                  [default: /var/run/docker-crane]

  --mount-local-crane TEXT        Mount crane source code to use bleeding edge

  --socket-tcp-forward-port INTEGER
                                  Launch socket forwarding daemon listening to
                                  given port. This is used for Mac OS X
                                  machines, where docker daemon runs in a
                                  virtual machine, and the VM does not support
                                  sharing unix domain sockets across VM

  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

Last update: March 2, 2022